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Environment Quiz Questions And Answers Download

environment quiz questions and answers download

GK Quiz - Environment Quiz. Take our Environment Quiz. Who coined the word ‘ecology’? Free and printable quiz on our environment, ecosystem, pollution and endangered animals. Check your answers with the correct answers given at the end of the quiz. All the best! Environment Quiz. Who coined the word ‘ecology’? a. Ernst Haeckel b ...

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Answer: Jonathon Porritt. Environment Quiz Questions Part 4. Environment Quiz 46 – 60. 46) Research-Scientists used one particular species of monkey for developing the polio vaccine by separating the ‘Rh’ factor in the blood. Identify this species: Answer: Rhesus macaque.

Environment Quiz - General Knowledge Questions and Answers ...

These all Environment GK Questions with Answers will very helpful to you for the forthcoming government competitive exams like UGC-NET, CTET, IAS, PCS etc. and will increase your intelligence skills. 1. Animal(s) which is/are active at night– (A) owl (B) rat (C) cockroach (D) All the above (Ans : D)2. Plants are green because of the presence of a pigment called–

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We have compiled 100 important objective questions on Environment and Ecology subject along with answers and explanations. Practicing these questions will help in the preparation for General Science subject of UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam, APPSC, TSPSC Group-1, Group-2 and Group-3 exams.

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Environment Quiz Questions and answers in Hindi, CTET EVS, Grade 3 Environmental Studies, CTET Paryavaran, CTET EVS Question, CTET Environmental Studies

Environment Quiz - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

10. World Environment Day is observed on : (A) January 31 (B) August 25 (C) June 5 (D) October 31 Ans- (B) June 5. Basic Environment Questions And Answers. 11. Branch of Biology which is concerned with the inter-relationship between plants and animals is called : (A) Physiology (B) Ecology (C) Anatomy (D) Morphology Ans-(B) Ecology. 12.


GK Questions with answers on Environment & Ecology: Biodiversity Set III consists of 10 MCQs which are made while keeping in mind the relevance of the subject and its importance for an exam point ...

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1. The main gases responsible for the Greenhouse Effect are: A water and ozone B oxygen and nitrous oxide C carbon dioxide and methane: 2. According to the United Nations, the main cause of climate change / global warming is the result of:

Environmental Science MCQ Questions Answers EVS Download PDF

World Environment Day Quiz For Students And Children: World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It was started in 1972 by the United Nations Assembly when the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began. Every year, the UN chooses different themes and different locations for the celebrations.

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Environment Quiz for the preparation of UPSC exam. Start FREE online practice test with MCQ questions and detailed answers of Environment helpful for any competitive exams.

General Awareness: Environment Quiz (Set - 1)

Answer a) Rachel Carson. The book documented the detrimental effects on the environment—particularly on birds—of the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Silent Spring was met with fierce opposition by chemical companies, but it spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy, led to a nationwide ban on DDT for agricultural uses in USA.

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Objective-type Multiple Choice Practice Questions (MCQs) and Answers on Environmental Science & Ecology Quiz – PDF Free Download. In this post, we are providing objective-type multiple choice practice questions along with the answers on Environmental Science & Ecology subjects in PDF format for various competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services Prelims, APPSC and TSPSC Group -1, Group -2 ...

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Candidates who are willing to attempt the competitive exams regarding environment should know about the GK Environment Topic. Here we have provided Environment Quiz that makes you overcome the unawareness of Environment.Without referring all the books, sites and links., here we have given the description of the Environment General Knowledge Questions, which is the simple way to learn about ...

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Take our environment quiz to get your environmental IQ score, answer these 10 simple questions to test your general knowledge about environment. Hit share!

Test Your Knowledge of Green Living With These 10 Questions

This quiz is designed to assess your basic knowledge in ‘Environmental issues’. Questions come under ‘easy’ category. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking 'Score'.

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Select the correct answer for the question and then press next to move to the next question. Take your knowledge on Health Safety & Environment. This quiz is designed to refresh your memory about important issues of health and safety in your workplace. It takes. . . . . . . Minutes, and gives you a score at the end. Enjoy.

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About This Quiz & Worksheet. Our health can be affected by countless factors, including those in our environment. This quiz and worksheet combination aim to determine your understanding of ...

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100 Fun Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers. Updated on April 13, 2020. Adele Cosgrove-Bray. more. Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet, and artist who lives on the Wirral peninsula in England. Contact Author. This fun, general knowledge quiz is suitable for a wide variety of groups and settings.

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Science Quizzes for Kids, Students General Science Questions & Answers General Science Quiz | PART-2 - Duration: 10:07. General Knowledge Key 259,913 views

Environment Quiz Questions And Answers Download

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Environment Quiz Questions And Answers Download